Get Gear Fit to Get Fit!

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For the first time in months, the weather gave us a break with temperatures in the 50s. Having had bitter cold weeks this change felt like spring and definitely had us all dreaming of warmer days. The temperatures may be dropping back down this week, but Spring is just around the corner! And with Spring comes the onset of fitness programs and dieting in preparation for summer’s bikini bodies.
I know this, you know this, and Samsung knows this. That’s why they’re happy to have debuted their Gear Fit at the Mobile World Congress. 

Wearable technology isn’t exactly knew to us, but this takes working out and our social lives to a new level. The curved screen helps with the comfort level, while the features help us stay on top of our work out routines. Complete with a timer, stopwatch, and bluetooth to connect to your mobile device, the Gear Fit is perfect for getting bikini ready and staying that way through the end of year holidays! It’s dust and water resistant and would come in a variety of colors.


Would you buy a Gear Fit?


Doritos Bold Enough Breaks Record At Big Game

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Doritos has always found a way to make a statement at the big game, usually with some crazy commercial featuring a talking animal. Not this time. This time they hi-jacked the crowd at the big game. I would know, I was a part of it.

How? Cause I’m bold enough. Doritos came out with a campaign trying to find the boldest people in and around NYC announcing challenges on Twitter with location and a clue of what would be in store for you. Challenges included surprising a person in the park with a victory bath – yes ice cold water poured on someone while it’s ice cold in NYC. Bold. Or hacking through a block of ice to get to a back of Doritos (my personal favorite since a quick text to the boyfriend along the lines of “RUNNNNN!!!” sent us both to the big game) or hugging a stranger, which is basically against all rules in the city.

Those who were bold enough won a pair of tickets and an experience of a life-time. 50 tickets were given with 30 people rocking out in head to toe orange clothing and 20 in black to give the Dorito a border. You probably saw us and thought ‘wow they are some dedicated Denver fans’ but later realized ‘nope that’s a giant human Dorito.’

Doritos really out did themselves this time. Bold to say the least. Can’t wait to see what they have in store next year, they do have a year to plan. Good luck!

Xbox 360 and Pizza Hut: A Million Dollar Friendship

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Delivery services have been using apps to help drive sales for a while now. From Seamless to Grub Hub, Dominos to Pizza Hut there is an app to make sure you can order food while on the go (or sitting at home on the couch). Simple and easy.

But why stop at smart phones and online delivery services? That’s what Pizza Hut wanted to know. They released their app for Xbox 360 back in April 2013 and saw sales in excess of $1 million dollars in just the first few months and continue to see consistent use. Who cares right? Consumers just left their phones next to them and ordered before switching to Netflix right? Wrong. 11% of the users were brand new to Pizza Hut’s online delivery services. Again, that was just in the first few months.

While almost everybody has a smart phone it seems gamers aren’t as inclined to download the app on their phones as they are in between rounds of Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto. New audience reached. Congrats Pizza Hut. Your move Papa John’s (we’re looking at you Peyton).

-Alyssa Nowak

Arizona Teaches Chicago A Thing Or Two About Sun Bathing

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With temperatures in Chicago just about to plunge to -16 degrees from the Polar Vortex, the agency Off Madison Ave (agency of record for Arizona Tourism) did what anybody would do: used it to their advantage. They used the pain and frost-bitten longing for sun of the residence of Chicago to promote the warm sunshine in Arizona, and they did it successfully.



The ad shows a young woman lounging in the sun after having kicked off her flip flops and laying on a beach chair beside a pool. The billboard does more than give the idea of being warm and pool-side, it’s success is in it having provided the woman’s flip flops below smashing two cars. This is just pure brilliance by Off Madison Ave. Flip flops mean sun and sun means you can actually feel your fingers. If the people of Chicago weren’t longing for temperatures above 50, they certainly are now. Good job Arizona – we’ve already booked our flight!


-Alyssa Nowak

Pinterest Acquires VisualGraph In An Effort To Understand Image Content

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Pinterest allows users to group their interests by “pinning” them to different boards (i.e. all recipes to “yum – food!” etc.). By using key words, users can search the database of pins to find the latest crock-pot recipe or DIY idea for a 7 year old boy’s racecar party. Up to this point we’ve been happy with all Pinterest has to offer and besides wishing we could buy every outfit pinned to our “Style” board, there isn’t much we would change. Well, the great minds behind the scenes want us to be happier than we ever knew we could be.

They’ve teamed up with VisualGraph to take searching a step further. VisualGraph is hard at work developing object recognition tools to allow search engines to understand the images they are searching through rather than using key words users caption images with. This tool, if utilized successfully, would allow the big brother of Pinterest to search an actual image for relevancy. A user may caption a recipe specifically with what they would use it for and, in a way, box it in to that specific category. VisualGraph eliminates that virtual box.

In my opinion, this is genius. What do you think?


-Alyssa Nowak

Hey Adrian Peterson – GAME ON! An App that Let’s You Play Video Games With Your Favorite Athletes!

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OverDog, Inc. has basically taken the online gaming world to a whole new level of awesome. They have created an app, OverDog, that allows your to play games like Call of Duty and Ghosts against your favorite (or most hated) athletes on Playstation and Xbox. That’s right – you may just be able to tell your friends you’ve beaten Marshawn Lynch in Madden.

So how does it work? Download the OverDog app and set up your preferences – the basics: favorite sports, teams, athletes, system preference, games, time of play, etc. When an athlete is ready to play, those who fit the game/time/etc will be entered into a drawing and OverDog will select a winner. From there it’s GAME ON!

As a sports fanatic, this is brilliant. They’ve taken a concept that is already well-known throughout the gaming universe and given it an edge that everybody will want to take part in. It’s given athletes a way to reach their fans and fans a way to impact an athlete’s Saturday morning, or Tuesday night, whatever it may be. Even better – they’re the first to do it.

2014 just started and by the end of it playing videos games with professional athletes will seem basic. Happy New Year!

-Alyssa Nowak

Success Without Promotion: Is It For Everyone?

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So, Beyoncé releases an album without providing any radio stations with information or using any pre-release promotion techniques and sells her highest amount, breaks records, and becomes #1 in multiple countries. Let that sink in for a minute.

What does that mean for the rest of the music world or any brand launching a new product? What does it mean for the future of promotion?

If you ask me, promotion is necessary for many reasons beyond the first release of a product, brand, or in her case – album. For example, a good promotion helps to build a lasting relationship between your fan base and your brand. It allows people to get to know what your brand stands for and what can be expected from you long after the initial release. While this risk may have proved successful for her we’ve got to think if it was really done as quietly as it seems.

Beyoncé has been promoting her brand, herself, for years so it’s hard to say that this album was released without any promotion. She has built a fan base who follows her and promotes her on a daily basis. She released an album and that album was instantly promoted all over social media platforms. That doesn’t happen if you’re not already an established brand.

So to answer my question if this type of non-promotion is for everyone – the answer is no. In fact, it’s not for the majority of brands. Hats are off to you Beyoncé for pulling this off successfully. Now back to waiting for the next great campaign.


What do you think?! Sound off below!


-Alyssa Nowak


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